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The health and safety of its employees is Basha Services, LLC (Basha Services) number one priority. We will operate on the principle that there is always a safe way to perform a task, and that we will always choose the safe way to perform our work. Our Subcontractors, although they will have responsibility for their own safety, will be asked to adopt safe work practices that meet our and our clients program at a minimum.

We are committed to a culture where all employees and workers understand and buy-in to our goals to avoid all accidents by implementing safe practices. Our goal is for our employees to return home safely each day to their families. Our Employees, workers, and Subcontractors adherence to safe work practices is mandatory. We encourage suggestions and new ideas and practices to improve worker safety. New ideas will be investigated, and if shown to be better than a current practice, added to our Safety Program.

At Basha Services, employee buy-in is critical to the success of the program. Each employee and worker must take their safety and that of other workers seriously. Management will reinforce its priority for maintaining the safety of its workforce, and where appropriate shielding or protecting our clients and the general public from hazards associated with our work.

We can and will work safely every day!

Neville Anderson
Neville Anderson, CHMM.
President Basha Services, LLC.