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Medical Waste Services


Basha’s Medical Waste Services focus on the safe handling and packaging of waste, minimization of exposure, regulatory compliance, waste reduction, and recordkeeping.  Let us manage and reduce the burdens of handling this important facet of your business.  We will help manage your waste from generation, thru packaging and transportation, to ultimate disposal.  Our management continues even after disposal is completed with monthly, quarterly, and annual disposal summaries and certificates of disposal.  Basha Services and its professional staff possess the proper Department of Transportation (DOT), Occupation Health & Administration (OSHA), and federal, state, and local licenses Our Medical Waste Services includes the following:

logosmall2Sharps collection, packaging, and disposal

logosmall2Container sales, placement, and removal

logosmall2Disposal of out of date pharmaceutical

logosmall2Convenient Pick-up or Mail-back disposal

logosmall2OSHA Blood borne pathogens and hazard communications training

logosmall2Hazardous and non-hazardous waste disposal

logosmall2Human waste disposal