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Green Services

Green Services

Basha Services is proud to be a partner with the Energy Star Network, the National Partnership for Environmental Priorities, and other environmental stewardship organizations.  Our goal is to help our customers minimize waste, maximize recycling, and achieve sustainability. “We believe Superior Energy Management leads to Significant Cost Savings”. We will challenge our customers to Partners with us and the EPA to change their waste behavior and track their own internal waste reduction efforts. Although use of the WasteWise logo does not imply EPA endorsement, we are committed to reducing our waste generation and aiding our clients, in their efforts to promote sustainability and a better environment.

Our Green Services Include:

logosmall2Recycling & Waste Minimization


logosmall2Efficiency Consulting

logosmall2Carbon Footprint Assessment

logosmall2Green Strategy Development

logosmall2Financial Return on Investment

logosmall2Recycling Container Sales