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About Basha Services

MissionOur Mission is to deliver a high level of service to every client, where each client is treated as if they are our most important customer.

VisionOur Vision is for Basha Services to be recognized as the environmental services brand that is most synonymous with Safety, Integrity, Responsiveness, and Quality.

ValuesAll of our operations will be guided by our commitment to Safety, Integrity, Responsiveness, and Quality.

Our Guiding Core Values are listed below:

logosmall2Safety Value – We will create and foster a culture where our employees and our customers know that Safety is our number one priority. We will start and end each day and each project with a focus on Safety, where leaving or completing our work in a safe manner remains our number one priority.

logosmall2Customer Focused Value– We will let our performance drive our customers to prefer Basha Services over all others who provide similar services.

logosmall2Team Member Value– We will create an environment where our team is driven not only to be the best in the industry, but also for each employee to aim at scoring the highest possible customer satisfaction ratings.

logosmall2Commitment to Employees Value– Our goal is to create an environment where the company creates programs for its employees’ long term benefit and retirement objectives.

logosmall2Competitive Value– Our focus on Fair Pricing, Partnerships, Safety, Integrity, Responsiveness, and Quality will set Basha Services on the competitive high ground.

logosmall2Green Value– Basha Services believes Green Initiatives are good for the environment, and for business. We will demonstrate how a commitment to Green Initiatives will result in better financial performance, and foster a culture of sustainability.

logosmall2Leadership Value– We will provide innovative ideas and solutions to our customers and the Environmental/Health/Green industries.

logosmall2Integrity– We will adhere to the highest standards of, Honesty, Integrity, and Reliability.

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